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Sustainability is at the heart of the G°G°R

The GGR is an inspiring example of ocean racing that makes people dream from start to finish. Through imagination and positive inspiration, it can trigger changes in behaviour.

In contrast to today’s professional world of high-level sailing competition, the GGR takes us back to a time known as the ‘Golden Age of Solo Sailing’. A challenge in which adventure is more important than winning at all costs, cutting back to the essentials of human endeavor and sailing. 

Recycling old boats and banning modern materials like carbon make the GGR inherently more sustainable than any other round the world race. 

But that is not enough for us. We have a specialist team that are driving our five key elements.

Based on an initiative from Evelyne Gross and Dr. Fabrice Galia, the GGR Sustainability Team aim to tackle additional aspects of the GGR to make the event even more sustainable in the future.


The Golden Globe Race is proud to support SITraN, the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, as its charity of choice for this coming race.