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€213 Million Golden Globe Race 2022 Media Value

Kirsten Neuschäfer officially became the first woman to win a round the world race by the three great capes, including solo and fully crewed races, non-stop or with stops, and the first South African sailor to win a round-the-world event! Credit: GGR2022 / Rob Havill

21 sailors from 14 countries signed up for GGR 2026 and Kirsten Neuschäfer “Female Sailor of the Year”

The third edition of the Golden Globe Race (GGR), a solo non stop retro adventure in small full keel yachts, saw 17 sailors set out from Les Sables d’Olonne on September 4th 2022. Eight months later only three would finish. On top of the list, a South African woman, Kirsten Neuschäfer, broke all records. She crossed the line in a blaze of glory with a simple, unassuming smile and humble words of gratitude to her followers and supporters. Her story and that of the other sailors who were not there, kept millions around the world enthralled from day one. Every sailor faced their own personal challenge alone and often questioned why they were there, right to the end. Emotions ran high, month after month, and the GGR following grew every day.

Kirsten Neuschäfer wins the Golden Globe Race after 235 days at sea. Credit: GGR2022 / Rob Havill

The release of the Meltwater 2022 GGR media analysis and equivalent advertising/PR value of €213 million reflects that following:

  • 240,000 people visited the Les Sables d’Olonne GGR village in the two weeks before the start.
  • The website had 4.4 million unique visits with 19 million unique pages opened.
  • Facebook reach was 3.3 million and YouTube had 3.2 million views.
  • Twitter saw 5.2 million impressions and Instagram a reach of 1 million.
  • 65,000 people downloaded the Yellowbrick tracking app and that related to over 15 million hits if checked just once a day and most checked many times each day.

The Founder of the Golden Globe Don McIntyre was not surprised:

We all felt that the 2022 GGR was bigger and better than 2018 with a real positive vibe. The strong Les Sables d’Olonne support had a big impact and it was like the GGR had all of a sudden grown up. We saw a huge number of non-sailing followers captivated by the daily coverage and everyone realized it was not just a boat race! Getting to the start was hard and Covid did not help, but getting to the finish was everything and the stories reflected that. Hearts and minds were broken, but heroes were also made. The 2026 GGR is going to be epic!

Don McIntyre – GGR Founder

To top all this, Kirsten has now been recognised as the Female Rolex World Sailor of the Year! This is an amazing accolade and well deserved recognition of a truly extraordinary sailor. Everything about her 236-day race around the world, unassisted and without technology was WOW! The GGR is a long, grueling, hard won race like nothing else in any sporting discipline. Only the best of the best and those who know themselves and why they are there, can ever hope to complete the 30,000 mile course.

Kirsten’s win was the first time any woman has won a solo, or crewed yacht race around the world through the Southern Ocean, by the three great capes including Cape Horn. The GGR is a true and honest human adventure. It is not about money and speed, but more about slowing down and taking care of things in adversity. It is a mind game with easy reasons to pull out. The eight months of complete isolation with only a radio for contact is depressing at best. Yet the attraction for some sailors is compelling. 

Golden Globe Race 2026 Trailer – The Golden Age of sailing continues with the fourth edition of the original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race.

Already 21 sailors from 14 countries have followed their strongest emotions and at times biggest fear, by signing up for this ultimate expression of who they are, and joining the 2026 GGR. They come from all walks of life, ages and skill sets. They all understand the risks and they are all now busy with planning and preparation for what will become their life-defining moment. That is what the Golden Globe Race is. Many more sailors are thinking about entering and with a maximum of only 26 entrants and four “special invitations” allowed, a full fleet is expected. 

GGR 2026 entrant Olivia Wyatt (USA):

Two sailors, Irishman Pat Lawless and Canadian Edward Walentynowicz who retired from the 2022 edition are returning in 2026 with unfinished business. The only woman currently entered is American sailor Olivia O Wyatt, an award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, and USCG 50-Ton Master certified captain. She’s sailing solo around the world at the moment aboard Juniper, her 34 ft. cutter-rigged sloop that she will sail in the GGR. She believes her boat is haunted by a dead man’s ghost. When asked why she is doing the GGR her response was: 

Maybe it’s because this race sounds really romantic to me. Or because solo sailing is the dreamiest. Or because I like to push myself inside the depths of my soul until I am forced to sink or swim. Because I need a new challenge. Because the race is all I have thought about since I first thought of doing the race, it’s like I’m possessed.

Olivia Wyatt (USA)

Assistant Race Director of the 2022 GGR, Lutz Kohne from Germany decided it’s time to swap sides and has entered the 2026 GGR with his Rustler 36 that he picked up in the U.S. this summer and sailed solo back to France. His passion for the GGR comes from seeing it from the inside and living with the entrants day-to-day all the way around the world. Today, the GGR followers are counting the days and there are only 1024 to go before this grueling voyage around the world is on again.

GGR 2026 Entrant Lutz Kohne (GER):

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