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Endurance 35 (proposed)

Boat Name: TBA

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

Around 40,000 miles in all kind of boats.

Why the GGR?

This is the most demanding race and is the only one where you are really sailing by yourself. No electronics, no GPS and no celular phones make this challenge totally different than the rest of the sailing races. This is real sailing where you decide everything without any external help

Due to slow boat speed and celestial navigation this is the longest sailing race ever. Modernity and technology are out of this event and this is why everything depends of you and your ability to know the limits of you and your boat. 

Best and worst aspects

I cannot find any bad aspect to this race. Sailing for seven or eight months will be an absolute delight. It doesn’t mean that I won’t feel any solitude. 

Breakages are just the consequence of bad decisions or bad luck. They are just stumbling blocks that you have to accept.

The Boat

I am looking for an Endurance 35 because I really think is the best boat of all the boats that are allowed  in the GGR. It is not the fastest one, but in this race speed is not the most important aspect. 

Endurance is a fantastic and very strong boat. I will bring it to Mallorca to work on her during 3-4 months to get her ready to sail. Belliure and Stratimer are the two options I want to choose. 

Hydrovane self-steering, eolic generators and solar panels will be my choice.

Technical specifications here:

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