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The 2018 Golden Globe Race was a HUGE success with followers around the world

The passion was obvious, with strong interest from ordinary sailors wanting to know more and learn from the experience. Others just wanted to be entertained and kept in awe at the courage and determination of the entrants.

There was plenty of drama and no shortage of opinions on many subjects. There was no shortage of controversy as well, with Mark Slats and Jean Luc VDH at the top of the list. Also GGR decisions at times. So now you can join the conversation in this G°G°R Forum to talk about anything you like, as long as it’s GGR related and in good taste with no abuse of any individual, organisation or partner. 

The G°G°R is unique

Every event and particularly around-the-world races make bold claims. We do not have to, as this historic adventure and yachting classic beats its own drum and speaks for itself. We simply point out the obvious. It is the longest (time), loneliest (lack of communications/time at sea), slowest (heavy, long keel), most courageous (sextant/no tech/no pilots) race for any individual in any sport. Let us know if you find different. It is truly is unsupported – maybe the only around-the-world race that actually is!. Look closely at the others and to our knowledge NONE quite make it.

So let’s hear what you have to say about storm tactics, food and is the Wind Pilot really as challenging as some say? Or would you go with an Aries or follow the winners and use a Hydrovane? Why not make your own series drogue, or use a tyre and save your money? As for the budget to do the GGR… WOW… You do NOT need ‘huge’ amounts of money, no matter what sailors and even some entrants say. Yes, in this world everything needs money, but the choice is there and if you have time, plan right and think smart, it is an affordable life defining moment for some.

So if you have the dream to do the GGR, then do it. It is not just another solo circumnavigation in a slick modern 40ft powerhouse with all the gear. The GGR is stepping back to a simpler time and a more human experience when it is all on the line.  It is not for everyone and only the special few will ever make the start. Even fewer will finish. That’s the GGR.