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McIntyre Adventure


Saltram Saga 36

Boat Name: Symphony

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

45,000 nm (Yachtmaster Ocean)

Why the GGR?

Competing in the GGR 2026 at the age of 70 holds profound significance in my sailing career as an Ocean Yacht Master. To me the race represents the pinnacle of offshore single-handed racing and offers me the opportunity to test the skills and knowledge I have gained over a lifetime of sailing. The GGR is a true test of seamanship and self-reliance, it is an event which attracts like minded adventurous competitors from around the globe.

I am committed to environmental issues and education. The GGR’s minimalistic approach to avoiding using modern technologies and embracing traditional sailing expertise inherently reduces the ecological footprint of sailing around the globe. I have spent the past 20 years running an outdoor adventure education centre educating children about nature and ecology and I feel that by taking part in this adventure will enable me to bring the message to more school children and help build a sense of adventure and resilience in a future generation.

Best and worst aspects

Worst – Inability to communicate with family.
Best – Inability to communicate with family.

The Boat



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