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Halifax, CANADA

Rustler 36 Masthead Sloop

Boat Name: Noah’s Jest

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Retired GGR 2022: 8 September 2022 – personal reasons
Edward retired on the 8th of September and headed back to Les Sables-d’Olonne after 4 days of racing. Noah’s Jest and her skipper were both in good shape. He retired for personal reasons and is preparing for 2026.

From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Edward Walentynowicz fell in love with sea adventures as a young university student in Poland, where he started sailing on the Baltic Sea. What followed was training programs, ocean sailing, Polish Yacht Master Ocean, and Sailing Instructor certifications. Edward is not a professional sailor; he is a marine and industrial automation professional electrical engineer. Sailing is his life long hobby which started in 1974. He is entering GGR 2022 with over 80,000 nm ocean sailing experience including 45,000 nm open ocean sailing and nine Atlantic crossings (3 solo).

In Canada, Edward has sailed Acapella IV (29.5ft, Express 30M he owns for last 27 years) out of Armdale Yacht Club, travelling over 40,000 nm. He holds RYA (UK) Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate, and he participated in sailing programs in Nova Scotia. Additionally, he enjoyed sailing in Patagonia, French Polynesia, Canaries Islands, Azores Islands, Bay of Biscay, and other places.

He has been inspired by footprints of Joshua Slocum in Nova Scotia. As Joshua’s first solo voyage started with a farewell from Sambro Light at Halifax approaches, Edward is frequently reminded of his idol, when he too sails out of Halifax Harbour. He always finds time to help sailors visiting Halifax by offering his advice and expertise and has assisted numerous skippers with weather routing.

His heavy weather sailing experience comes from several North Atlantic crossings on 30ft to 60ft sailboats, with two crossings accomplished without use of GPS. The two handed, nonstop North Atlantic double-crossing adventure, with rounding Eddystone Lighthouse on Acapella IV, was awarded ‘Recreational Event of The Year’ by the Canadian Yachting Association.

This avid sailor is always very professional, well prepared and possesses great planning skills. Edward hopes that taking on the GGR will be his next big challenge, and by employing his vast experience over the months of the race, he will grow both spiritually and mentally. His competitive nature, coupled with his hard-working attitude will make him a formidable challenger.

Sailing Experience

Over 80,000 miles including 9 Atlantic crossings, three solo aboard Noah’s Jest.

Why the GGR?

Sailing is my passion for over 40 years. Solo, nonstop circumnavigation is my dream for almost 40 years as well, since I read ‘A World of My Own‘, ‘The Long Way‘ and ‘Sailing Around The Word‘ before my first Atlantic Ocean double crossing in 1984. Joshua Slocum was born in Nova Scotia. He started the around the around world voyage from Westport, Brier Island, Bay of Fundy – Island of the Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, Canada. His first ‘Spray’ Atlantic Crossing started from Halifax approaches. We are visting Brier Island every year. The visits to Brier Island and sailing around Halifax are an additional inspiration for solo circumnavigation. 

I know that working alone, solving problems alone and hands on, sailing alone for long time is not a problem for me. I am very interested in spiritual aspects of our life on Earth, and I hope to have excellent time for spiritual growth during the GGR 2026.

Best and worst aspects

The best: People participating, organisers, Les Sables d’Olonne public and safest way to turn solo nonstop circumnavigation dreams into reality.

The worst: No family and no friends for good part of the year. Organising family life without my participation.

The Boat

Edward purchased ‘Noah’s Jest’, 1990 Rustler 36 and hopes that previous owners’ good memories of fun and safe voyages will happily stay with NJ.

Boat NameNoah’s Jest
Boat TypeRustler 36 Masthead Sloop
DesignerHolman & Pye
BuilderRustler Yachts (UK)
LOA35.33ft / 10.77m
LWL26.92ft / 8.21m
Beam11.00ft / 3.35m
Draft5.50ft / 1.67m
Displacement16805 lbs / 7623 kg
Sail Area693sq. ft / 64.38sq. m

In the spring 2020 the boat started it’s first refit at Rustler Yachts Ltd. Falmouth, UK to be ready for her trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Unfortunately, it took much longer then planned.
Noah’s Jest was trapped in UK for over 14 months, due to Edward’s inability to retrieve her because of covid-19 travel restrictions. 

Finally on April 11th, 2021, he had first opportunity to travel to UK to London and after, quarantine to Falmouth (UK).

Noah’s Jest was launched 2 weeks later and after short preparation Edward sailed to France arriving at Les Sables-d’Olonne on May 21st, 2021, after 378 miles solo trip on new for him Noah’s Jest.

In France he continued to prepare the boat for the return home, Atlantic crossing. New sails, which waited for a year, were delivered along with help from Jerome, the owner of Voilier Tarot, with whom Edward was able to install a new mast and rigging. 

On the 16th of July he finally started on his trip home. It went on for several weeks in generally good weather and light winds. The weather pattern took him on southern route slightly below Azores islands. While he was sailing there, he was watching hurricane Henry’s development and he chose to stay South until Henry declared his pathway. It took seven more days before it was obvious that hurricane would make landfall on the US territory, and Edward was able to take path to Nova Scotia without meeting with Henry. He only hit remnants of the hurricane, with a 40 plus knots wind.

On August 30th, 2021, finally, his solo nonstop trip from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada was accomplished, covering 3,850 nautical miles. This was a qualifier for GGR 2022. Edward retired from GGR2022 after 4 days of race due to personal reasons.

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