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Biscay 36

Boat Name: Clara

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

10,000 sailing miles plus 26,705 solo rowing miles (Guinness World Record!).

Why the GGR?

Throughout my life, the slower that I covered a given distance, the more joy and wisdom that I gained from that experience. Walking or running instead of driving the same, gave me satisfaction. Completing a solo circumnavigation by human power was a life changing experience. Bicycling across continents or rowing across the oceans meant foregoing engines and sails, relying on commitment and brawn as much as proper preparation. It was a life lesson to find myself surrounded by caring individuals who upheld my journey as they appreciated the commitment and the sweat equity that it took for me to reach their community. Had I arrived in a fast vehicle or on a fancy yacht, I would have been just another tourist.

I find it meaningful to turn long journeys into pilgrimages toward wisdom. Golden Globe Race offers me the opportunity to challenge myself by giving up modern conveniences while facing the immense power of the southern oceans. When we strive to sail in the manner as had Sir Robin, peeling away modern crutches including GPS, chart plotter or water maker, what remain are the seamanship and the desire to prove worthy of this extraordinary challenge to sail nonstop around Antarctica before returning to the welcoming community of Les Sables d’Olonne. This arduous and self-imposed path will test me and require me to grow into the worthy sailor that the ocean will grant passage.

Best and worst aspects

The best part is the hope and anticipation of being part of something larger than life. The worst part is the possibility that I may be biased and alone in this excitement, falling short of making the start line.

Erden Eruc

The Boat

Clara is a Biscay 36, originally Sloop rigger but now cutter, built in 1976 at Emsworth Yacht Harbour from moulds by Robert Ives, to the design of Alan Hill. Acquired in the spring of 2019 in good cruising condition, the rig was changed from Sloop to Cutter, the wheel steering replaced with tiller steering and the structure substantially reinforced. Clara was sailed by Simon Curwen in the 2022/23 GGR.

Boat NameClara
Boat TypeBiscay 36
DesignerAlan Hill 
BuilderEmsworth Yacht Harbour / Robert Ives
Sail AreaTBC
Simon Curwen (04) sailing Clara








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