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McIntyre Adventure


Cape George 36

Boat Name: Tipi Haere

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

Approx. 6,000 nm.

Why the GGR?

I have wanted to solo sail around the world for as long as I can remember. I was visiting with my mum in
New Zealand last month (where I went to Intermediate and High School) and found my dog-eared copy of Sir Francis Chichester’s “Gipsy Moth Circles The World” which I took as a further sign to act. After helping to raise two children, retiring from a 29 year career in the US Navy in 2015, and buying the perfect boat for the sailing Luddite that I am, I nearly signed up for GGR 2022. The stars and my competitive nature seem aligned for GGR 2026.

Best and worst aspects

Best: sailing offshore, largely disconnected from the greater world and being able to push the boat while
secure in the knowledge that the GGR race organisation has your back.

Worst: AIS has spoiled me. I will miss having that situational awareness when crossing shipping lanes. But at least I will be transmitting, right?

The Boat



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