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The Golden Age of sailing continues with the fourth edition of the original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race.

The adventure remains. The core principles are unchanged. Are you up for the challenge?

A fully reviewed Notice of Race, an increased following, new approved designs and a limit of seven boats of the same type will make the GGR 2026 even more interesting.

The Golden Globe remains totally unique in the world of sailing and stands alone as the longest, loneliest, slowest, most daring challenge for an individual in any sport.

It is mentally and physically more extreme than any other sailing challenge.

As soon as we sent off the GGR 2022 fleet, we sharpened our pencils and gave the Notice of Race a thorough review. With the experience of two Golden Globe Race editions and many constructive conversations with entrants and managers, we are proud to publish the new GGR 2026 Pre-Notice of Race

Note: Please read the Notice of Race carefully before emailing any questions.

Major improvements are the overhauled Conformance Section that will help entrants to tick off all requirements concerning the skipper and boat preparations as well as branding and registration processes. In addition, we clarified various definitions and hope to have improved the clear explanation of the philosophy of the race. 

Is this a ‘tick-the-box’ document? No. We are a special race that is unparalleled in the offshore sailing world and while we are continuously professionalising the event, it is important to us that the event remains human and on eye level with any amateur sailor who wants to dream big. 

‘One sailor, one boat facing the great oceans of the world’ remains at the very heart of the GGR. It is YOU, the daring sailor who wants to circumnavigate the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance, who creates the fascination for this event and who inspires thousands of followers to go out and have an adventure. 

For the record… you could enter the 2026 GGR with a budget of less than €100,000 and if you sell the boat after the race, it could cost you less than €45,000. You just need time and know what you are doing and why you want to face this. You could also spend €300,000? It is up to you. Keep the dream alive.

We cannot wait to meet you. 

Application Process

Entry to the GGR is based on invitation. To start the process, we kindly ask you to request the application form with an email to The ‘application for an invitation to compete’ will contain a variety of questions and required attachments. 

You must submit your application form together with the €4,000 application fee or it will be rejected. We closely review the document and, if successful, will send you an invitation to enter the GGR 2026. If rejected, your application fee will be refunded. Once accepted, your status will be upgraded to ‘Provisional Entry’.

As soon as 26 invitations have been accepted, you may remain as a waitlisted applicant or receive a full refund of the application fee. You will have 14 days to decide whether you would like to be waitlisted or receive a refund. You will be automatically waitlisted, if we do not receive an answer within 14 days. Four ‘Special Invitations’ will also be offered for a maximum fleet size of 30 sailors.

Entry Fee

A total fee of €11,500 has to be paid in two parts: €4,000 shall be paid when submitting the application form and €7,500 shall be paid within 12 months after being granted ‘Provisional Entry’ status or 12 months before the start of the race, whichever is earlier. 

The entry fee is absolutely non-refundable as soon as an applicant is invited to join the race.  An entrant who is under 21 years of age when crossing the start line of the GGR will receive a full refund of the entry fee after crossing the equator. 


An entry cannot be guaranteed to a waitlisted applicant. If a waitlist entrant retires, no entry refund will be given. If a waitlisted entry is not offered an entry 7 days after the deadline of the Final Registration Pack, a full refund of that entry will be given.

Good luck!