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Endurance 35

Boat Name: Polè Polè

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

Josh is a professional sailor with a background in performance sailing and composites. Josh started sailing at a young age with his family, spending the summers on his grandfather’s boat Shana, a Cape Dory 36, plying the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay near his homeport of Rock Hall, Maryland. Just across the bay from Annapolis, Maryland, Josh was heavily influenced by the sailing culture and took quickly to it. When he graduated from highschool, Josh started sailing professionally first on gaff-rigged topsl schooner before moving on to performance boats a few years later. These days you’ll find Josh racing the likes of Gunboats, VO65’s, TP52’s, Swans, Mini 6.50’s, Nacra 17’s, often on the team as the composite specialist. He also spends a lot of time sailing his own little full keeled cruising boat that he enjoys more than the rest. Josh has competed in regattas all over the world and was the team manager for Elliott Smith in the 2022 edition of the GGR. Josh has tens of thousands of offshore miles including the required solo mileage.

Why the GGR?

I have always had a dream to sail around the world. After being involved in GGR 2022, that dream has only grown. I want to watch the albatross soar overhead. I want to hear the roar of the Southern Ocean. I want to feel so alone that I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel that this is where growth happens. Outside of our comfort zones is where we truly discover who we are. I desire to compete in the Golden Globe Race because I want to sail solo around the world and show everyone that really anyone is capable of it. I know from past experience that competing in the Golden Globe Race is not only about sailing solo, nonstop, around the world, but getting to spend time with family beforehand, engaging with the local community, refitting a boat, finding sponsors and so so much more. Getting to make a whole new family on the dock in Les Sables d’Olonne before departing into Biscay. And influencing thousands of people all around the world to do better. This is why I want to compete in the Golden Globe Race.

Best and worst aspects

I think the best part will be seeing years of hard work come to fruition. And the worst part will be leaving my family on that dock in September.

The Boat

Pole Pole is an Endurance 35. Heavily built with a balanced and manageable sail plan, Pole Pole will take Josh around the world in 2026. You can find Pole Pole, Josh, and his team in Palma de Mallorca over the next three years where Pole Pole will be getting a bit of a face lift!  



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