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ZSZBACE Gloves Webbed Paddle Swim Gloves Fitness Water Aerobics and Water Resistance Training - 2 Colors

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ZSZBACE Swim Paddles is an ergonomic tool designed to assist swimmers to improve their stroke power.
These paddles feature a contoured shape, water draining holes and channels, which smooth the water flow and provide feedback for the hands.

Small | Height: 7.75" | Width: 6.89"
Medium | Height: 8.27" | Width: 7.48"
Large | Height: 8.66" | Width: 7.95"

How to Measure:
HEIGHT - Measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger WIDTH - Measure horizontally across the palm.

Why train with Swim Paddles?

1: To Increase Your Power Through Specific Muscle Development.
When you swim with your paddles, you train to strengthen your big muscles similar to riding a bike in heavy gear - your ability to grab the water greatly increases and you can propel your body further forward when you contract your lats on each stroke.

2: To Know When You Are Doing Something Wrong.
Paddles amplify all forces felt during the pulling motion. Your catch and the pulling motion get more leverage, which means you will be able better focus and tune those parts of your stroke.

3: Contoured Paddles are More Comfortable than Flat Paddles.
Your hand is not completely flat as it pulls through the water, so your paddle shouldn't be either. The contour of the paddle reduces hand fatigue and prevents the paddle from shifting around during the power phase of each stroke. A contoured paddle is also less prone to breakage because the concave shape is stronger than a flat shape.