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Upgraded Back Brace Support Belt for Upper back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Invisible Posture Corrector, Premium Material with Convenient Design for Daily Use

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✅Correct Posture and Relieve Back Pain: Our posture corrector for men and women holds your back in place, aligning bones and joints so your muscles can be used properly. The back brace can train your posture and develop muscle memory to relieve pain caused by slouching and kyphosis

✅Removable Back Support Bar: The support bars in the back area can be taken out at will. you can take it out when you clean the back brace or when you want to reduce the support effect while some specific activities

✅Convenient Pocket on Back Support Belt: There is storage bag designed on the lumbar belt. you can use it to store mobile phone, keys, cards or something else. It's convenient when wearing this go outside or do housework

✅Easy to Wear on Your Own: Durable and strong velcro, breathable and comfortable material, widened shoulder straps can disperse the pressure of the arms.our back posture corrector is easy to wear and adjust on your own

✅Thoughtful Gift: This back support belt is good gift for your firends, families or yourself. especilly for driver, teacher, office worker,waiter and people who needs beautiful body posture, confidence and healthy back condition.

Package Includes: 1 X back brace