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Maternity Belly Band,Maternity Band for Pregnancy Support with Non-Slip Silicone Stretch,Soft Seamless Fabric for All Stage of Pregnancy

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Comfortable and soft fabric you can't put down.

Pregnancy support belt made from bamboo blend, softer than softness cotton, natural sheen like silk or cashmere, four times more absorbent than cotton, Anti odor, highly breathable. Superior wicking capability keeps you drier and doesn't stick to the skin. Powerfully insulating keeps cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Seamless knitting technology gives good wearing experience.

Belly band adopts the most advanced seamless knitting technology. It has no thread end, no sewing interface, no thread hook, no pilling. It is very durable. At the same time, it is soft, comfortable and silky, which can bring you and your baby the best wearing experience.

Ultra high elasticity, perfect fit to the body curve.

Belly band has super high elasticity. No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, no matter how big your abdomen is, it can perfectly fit your body, and it will not press your abdomen and bring you discomfort.

Non slip silicone strip allows you to move freely.

There is a silicone strip around the bottom of the Belly band. You don't have to worry that when you walk, go shopping, do exercise or do yoga, the belle band will slide down or shrink up, causing embarrassment. Be a beautiful pregnant woman anytime, anywhere.