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Compression Wrist Support - Wrist Sleeve for Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel - Wrist Brace

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Why do we need to wear ZSZBACE wrist support sleeve in daily life and exercise?
The palm of your hand is the body part of our daily activities,chance of sprain or strain occurs is very high when the wrist movement,wear ZSZBACE wrist brace is one of the ways to prevent wrist sprain or strain.
The role of ZSZBACE wrist brace,the first is to provide pressure to reduce muscle over-exertion,the second is to provide protection to reduce the harm caused by exercise.
To protect the palm wrist during exercise,pressure protection wrist,reduce wrist sprains and injuries.
Hand and wrist injuries can range from the acute normally associated with sudden trauma,to the chronic,often resulting from overuse or repeated motion.

The effects ZSZBACE wrist support sleeve:
Provide comfortable and uniform pressing protection;the soft fabric is breathable and warm,which can protect wrist and palm better and promote the recovery of pain and injury on wrist.
ZSZBACE wrist braces supports help treat or prevent common injuries and ailments such as:Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Acute/Chronic Irritation,Pain of the Wrist,Postoperative Irritation/Pain,Post-traumatic Irritation/Pain,Tendonitis,Osteoarthritis/Arthritis,Irritation/Pain (Repetitive Motion),Thumb Orthosis,Irritation/Pain,Skiers' Thumb.

Product Features:
❤Fabric Soft,warm,double ventilated
❤Edge-soft and high-elasticity design to ensure the comfort
❤Sewing-ergonomics - According to the measurement and analysis of hand types from different people,the specific design is to ensure it fit to hands better