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Compression Recovery Shoulder Brace - Adjustable Fit Sleeve Wrap Men Women. Relief for Shoulder Injuries, Tendonitis

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A Few Reasons You’ll Love Shoulder Brace:
- Breathable Compression Fabric
- Targeted Support of Muscles, Joints, and Tendons
- Maintains Joint Stability
- No Itchiness or Skin Irritation
- Comfortable and Secure Fit
- Relief from Inflammation, Arthritis, & Tendonitis
- Versatile to Wear for Any Physical Activity
- Great for All Ages & Fitness Level
- Supports Sore & Stiff Muscles and Joints
- Long Lasting Benefits
- Stays in Place
- Easy Wear Design
- Can Be Worn All Day + All Night

Perfect for People of All Ages and Fitness Levels.
It’s not often that a shoulder brace looks as incredible as it feels. This helps to support injured muscles and protect your shoulder from further injury by limiting movement. Thanks to it’s breathable, low-profile design, you can enjoy these benefits 24 hours a day, under or over the top of any type of clothing.

Reinforce & Rehabilitate
- Strong and highly-elastic velcro straps allow for a secure and adjustable fit.
- Flexible fabric allows you to maintain a wide range of mobility.
- Effective support for sprains, strains, torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulder dislocated AC joint, AC separation, bursitis, labrum tear, tendinitis, stiff joints and more.