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Compression Gloves with Copper for Arthritis Rheumatoid,Relief Pain and Swelling,Osteoarthritis & Tendonitis - Copper Arthritis Gloves for Women and Men

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Do you shake or rub your palms or joints after long daily activities? Are there swelling and stiffness in the hands and fingers? Are you tired of persistent pain caused by arthritis or other chronic pain?
You need to use Copper Arthritis Gloves to get help to relieve hand pain and swelling. Compression Gloves can not only promote blood circulation throughout the hands and reduce the tension of hand muscles. Copper Gloves can also help women and men with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and carpal tunnel syndrome.

We what are the Benefits and Features of Compression Gloves with Copper?
1:Our Copper Arthritis Compression Gloves are injected with more copper to provide pressure for the hands, and the rubber anti-skid strip on the surface increases the anti-slip property.
2:The third picture shows that our compression gloves are not only longer than ordinary gloves, but the fingerless copper glove design can also provide a better range of motion
3:The spandex fabric added to our Arthritic Copper Gloves is not only elastic, washable, but also hygroscopic and breathable. Compression Gloves can provide compression to your hands and keep your hands dry when you sweat during housework.
-You can wear arthritis copper gloves every day to relieve your symptoms.

Choose from 3 different sizes to ensure maximum comfort,no matter your hand’s shape and size.Measure your palm with a tape measure or ruler,then use the chart to determine whether a small,medium,or large.

For longest life machine wash on a cold Delicate cycle and tumble dry with low heat.