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waist trimmer Belt for Women and Men Abdominal Waist Trainer, Promotes Sweat and Weight Loss

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KEEPS CORE WARM - Wrap traps body heat, increases your core temperature, warms your stomach and back for better blood flow
SHED EXCESS WATER WEIGHT -Thermogenic body-shaping belt enhances sweat production to help you quickly shed water weight and reduce bloating
STAYS IN PLACE - Textured neoprene interior helps keep the waist trimmer in place as you move. Soft exterior & trimmed edges make it comfortable for all day wear
CORE SUPPORT -Provides added core and back support to reduce strain and promote proper posture and alignment; great for postpartum recovery

Keeps core warm and provides added support
Shed Weight Comfortably
A textured neoprene interior helps keep the waist trimmer belt in place and soft material with trimmed edges makes it comfortable for workouts and all day wear. The belt traps heat to raise your body temperature and increase perspiration. This results in fast water weight loss -perfect for slimming down for athletic competitions and special events.