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Posture Corrector for Men and Women Back Brace with Fully Adjustable Belt Improves Posture Provides Lumbar Support Relieve Lower and Upper Back Pain

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【CORRECTIVE POSTURE&IMPROVE APPEARANCE】Long-term bad posture can cause back pain, shoulder pain, myopia, and even spinal nerve damage, which is very harmful to health ,will also affect your appearance. Posture Corrector is designed by professionals to effectively correct your bad posture,helps you to relieve back and waist pain,which is good for your health.While shaping your body shape into a upright posture, increasing your appearance and self confidence
【UPGRADED FEATURES AND COMPONENTS】Compared to traditional posture correctors,has upgraded the products on features and components. These upgrades will make the process of correcting posture more effective and easier
【SCIENTIFIC & COMFORTABLE DESIGN】Most traditional Posture Corrector only provide shoulder support,Posture Corrector provide Upper and Lower Back Support in addition to these features.Two built-in plates in the corrector perfectly fit in both sides and provide strong support for your waist, which is more scientific and effective. Adjustable straps at shoulders and waist make it easy to adjust the tightness of the corrector according to your feelings
【EXCELLENT MATERLALS & PROCESSES】posture corrector back brace is mainly made of high quality lightweight breathable materials make the wearing experience refreshing and not stuffy. Adjustable straps and velcros at shoulders and waist make the entire posture corrector take flexibility.
【SERVICES】We are also very concerned about the customer's purchase satisfaction.If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with our products,please free to contact us.