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Lumbar Support Back Brace with Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy and Far Infrared Compression Belt Adjustable Waist Support

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COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: Designed to be used every day and it allows for full range of motion. Lumbar Support Belt comes with double compression straps to ensure a snug fit and correct posture during normal day-to-day activities, as well as during physical exercise even when being worn over clothes. Made from high quality textile and neoprene to insulate heat and warm up aching muscles, tendons and relieve pain.
MAGNETIC THERAPY AND NATURAL SELF HEATING: With a whopping magnets in our lumbar belt, it creates a strong magnetic field paired with self-heating far infrared tourmaline technology to heat up and sooth aching muscles, tendons and lumbar pain without the use of greasy creams.
PERFECT FOR DAILY USE: Gone are the days where lower back pain and discomfort would prevent you from doing activities you desire. When wearing with direct contact on the skin, it provides continuous heat. Great for people suffering from back pain, lower back and lumbar pain as well as sciatica, tendinitis, stiff or sore muscles, tendons, joints, and more! Including office workers, in gym use, any outdoor, physical activities and heavy labor intensive work.

Provide your back the help and support it needs. Our lumbar support back brace has been specifically designed with customers in mind. Gone are the days where lower back pain and discomfort would prevent you from doing activities you desire.

Perfect for people who by their profession have long and still positions, such as drivers, and desk staff. Active people who would like to do exercise daily but have pain and prevents them from engaging will benefit when wearing the lumbar support belt. Manual labor jobs that are challenging on your lower back, such as construction workers and warehouse staff will benefit too from the support the lumbar belt offers as well as during recovery by reducing inflammation and swelling provided by its tourmaline and far-infrared infused material.