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Can be Lower Back and Hip Pain Cured When Sitting ?

Posted by zhangxiaoqing on

Why Do I Have Lower Back/Hip Pain When Sitting?

Our bodies are not meant to hold any position for extended periods of time. Whether you sit, stand or walk all day, you are likely to develop some back, hip, leg or neck pain. It just so happens that many of us have desk jobs requiring long hours in a seated position .Your body is meant to move in a variety of ways throughout the day. Holding a static position for prolonged periods stresses your arms, shoulders, legs and especially the back .Get Rid of Back Pain from Sitting Too Long with Microbreaks .If your job requires you to sit in front of a computer for hours on end, leaving you with stiffness and a backache when you finally stand up from your chair.

Since the problem is your immobility, it seems logical that the key relieving lower back or hip pain due to sitting long hours lies in movement—not in finding the “best” office chair for lower back pain that makes it more comfortable to sit in a near-motionless state all day.By movement, I am not talking about a trip to the bathroom or breakroom. While that’s better than nothing, you’ll have the best results if you work brief breaks into your workday where you up the ante a bit by doing some intentional, rhythmic movements that stretch, contract and work your muscles.

It is important to prevent early treatment as soon as possible because it is time to take time to treat it.
Wear the "ZSZBACE Posture Correction Belts ", a hunchback correction supporter developed based on ergonomics under the supervision of a Judo rehabilitation teacher, in your daily life to get a beautiful posture with a well-organized core!
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Wearing it for about 2-3 hours a day is definitely correct supports posture.
By withstanding the discomfort caused by postural breakdown, such as stiff shoulders, lower back pain, metabolism and muscle weakness, headaches caused by nerve compression, it can play a role in improving support.
And it is different from the general rear adjustment type. It can be adjusted by just pulling the front belt part. Even people with stiff body can easily wear it, so it is easy to use and uses highly breathable material, so even if the metabolism is better than women tall men can also wear it comfortably.

Posture Corrector for Men and Women Adjustable Upper Back Brace
So, by changing the posture of everyday life by using this posture corrector, let's make a body that is hard to become a hunchback, and make a good look!