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Back Brace for Men and Women - Designed to Support Lower Back - Breathable Adjustable Anti-Skid Lumbar Support Belt

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back braces are designed to provide lower back support through stabilization and compression. Our back brace has been designed to help provide support to the lower back lumbar region
Comfortable and lightweight they can be used as a posture corrector for women or men. Our firm but flexible design is made from breathable materials so you can wear this lower back pain support brace all day long
Support stabilizers are integrated into the design to provide an extra level of back support. The four back support belt stabilizers are flexible and work great if needing extra support for a weight lifting belt or support band
Plus sizes are available and compression straps on each side allow for a customizable fit. This back brace for lower back pain is made from high quality durable materials so it will last for years
Unisex designed back brace provides support for the lower back in both women and also providing lower back support for men

Maximum Support
Our back braces are designed to provide maximum support. They can also be worn on the job for those who lift heavy items on a daily basis.
Quality and Comfort