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Abdominal Belt - Waist Trainer/Sauna Belt for Men & Women: Improves Back Support | Strengthen Core Muscles | Burns Belly Fat | Weight Loss

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IMPROVE POSTURE- waist trimmer belt strengthens your lower back muscles, and instantly improves your posture with amazing soft support. Comfortable waist compression assists with proper waist training and healing posture. Great for workouts, long hours of standing, post-partum support, physical therapy
REDUCE BACK PAIN - A strong core can significantly reduce lower back pain. Our comfortable neoprene abdominal belt engages your midsection muscles, stimulates circulation and strengthens your core with therapeutic heat compression. Our waist trimmer warms your back muscles so you have less cramping or fatigue. Experience a stronger core with increased fitness, balance, circulation, and stability.
TRIM WAISTLINE - waist trimmer Belt to add the edge to any workout routine and increase efforts towards a slimmer waist. It helps train your ab muscles, stabilizes your torso, and heats up your midsection by increasing metabolism and shedding water weight.
ENHANCE PEFORMANCE - This elastic waist trainer can be worn anywhere…best for cycling, running, hiking, weightlifting, skiing, surfing, swimming, or during any activity around the house and office. The therapeutic heat compression also helps reduce anxiety and aids in improving mental focus. Start at your core with great health in both mind and body.
DIMENSIONS:Neoprene ab belt uses velcro closure for an adjustable, snug fit to provide maximum support of the abdominal and lumbar area.