In 1968, The Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was the first ever around-the-world solo yacht race.

Known at the time as a voyage for madmen, lives were forever changed – yachts sank, a suicide occurred and of the nine entries only one man finished – Sir Robin Knox-Johnston becoming the first person ever to sail solo, nonstop and unassisted around the globe.

No other race has occurred like it in half a century.

The Voyage of Madmen is the story of Don McIntyre’s 50 year anniversary recreation of the infamous race and his quest to attract amateur sailors to compete in small boats, taking on the perils of the sea entirely against the odds. It’s a race without modern technological aids where actually surviving a non-stop lap of the world is the achievement. Of the 18 solo sailors to depart France in 2018 – five solitary skippers cross the finish line – the final finisher spending 322 days alone at sea.

This is the story of the longest sporting event in history. A display of brutal individualism by characters longing for a by-gone era who are hell-bent on recreating the longest, loneliest and most gruelling sports event on the planet. 

“Buying this film helps and supports us greatly…THANKS and we hope you really enjoy it. To us the 2018 edition of the GGR will go down in history for many reasons. It is a tribute to the 18 sailors who risked all to follow a simple dream!” – Don & Jane

English with French subtitles version – please order from the French GGR website page only.

Vimeo is the only place to order the special LONG PLAY 112 minute version for sailors – all others are 90 minutes.

An Ocean Frontiers and Imajica Media Production

Featuring Sir Robin Knox-Johnston · Alex Carozzo · Don McIntyre · Jane Zhou · Barry Pickthall · Jean-Luc Van Den Heed · Mark Slats · Uku Randmaa · Istvan Kopar · Tapio Lehtinen · Mark Sinclair · Abhilash Tomy · Gregor McGuckin

Post Supervisor: Gary Woodyard
Sound Supervisor: Ian MacWilliams
Re-Recording Mixer: Dale Warren
Edited by Jesse Martin
Produced by Don McIntyre
Written and Directed by Jesse Martin

Runtime: 112m – Long play only available on GGR Vimeo
Release Date: June 5, 2023

Available for streaming in June 2023